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About Mickie

Mickie has been in ministry since 1976 in a plethora of roles:  Minister of Christian Education; Director of Children, Family, and Youth Ministries; Director of Spiritual Formation; The Executive Director of Children's Ministry of America (a consulting and conference ministry.)  She has been a Seminary and College Professor, specializing in Philosophy, Christian Education, Humanities, as well as Leadership and Management.  For several years, while serving in local churches in the Chicago area, Mickie was also a Child and Teen Play Therapist; a Marriage and Family Counselor; and a professional coach and consultant.  Mickie has a passion for helping churches, pastors, and educators become more effective in the ways they serve their congregation and work together as a staff. Mickie and her husband David share a Consulting business called Lord and King Associates, LLC. 

Currently, Mickie is a Preaching Pastor at CrossRoad Bible Fellowship, a new church plant in Beverly Hills, FL and is actively involved in evangelism ministry with River Riders #749, a local Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) and rides a 2019 Harley-Davidson FLRT


Having served on multi-staff churches and in solo-pastor churches, Mickie has experienced first hand that each church, no matter the size, faces the same challenges. We all want our churches to find the most dynamic way to serve the Lord and His people. All church leaders pray they will effectively reach the next generations for the Kingdom, and are eager to bring the Gospel message to the culture around them.  To do so, we must know our own corporate culture (nature and preferences of the church membership), the local culture (our immediate community), the generational cultures (national cultural norms and mores as experienced by different ages), and discover how our specific church gifts and abilities can speak into these cultures for the sake of the Kingdom.


"I am here to help you and your church reach God's purpose in the context in which God has placed you."

~ Mickie O'Donnell, DDiv

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